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About St. Peters Academy of Dance Performance Company

The St. Peters Academy of Dance Competition Team participates in at least three national dance competitions in the local area. These are great opportunities for the advance dancers to perform on a professional stage in front of large audiences and to be judged by national dance competition judges.

The Advance Team competitive program at SPAD provide holistic opportunities. Dance provides children physical conditioning and can help develop stronger mental skills. Children learn how to set goals, develop their inner will.desire, perseverance and determination, coping skills, character, integrity and a strong mindset of “hope” – making good choices. Lastly, the Advance Dance Program, helps children develop strong social skills, as group dynamics, team building, leadership and friendship building. Recently the SPAD performance Company was awarded the #1 Top Group at the National Dance Competition held by Showbiz national Talent Competition.

Help your child discover the their true capabilities. give your child the gift of dance, help build their dream!

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