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St. Peters
Academy of Dance

Class Information


Dance Educational Programs:  Ballet, Tap, and Jazz classes for student’s ages 3-18 years. Beginner-Advanced classes.

Ballet – (B) The basis of all forms of dance. Develops proper body alignment, balance & flexibility. Pointe is by placement and only after 3 full years of ballet technique.

Tap – (T) Technique is taught in both Rhythmic and Broadway Tap.

Jazz/ Hip-Hop – (J/HH) The educational classes are a mix of both Classical, Contemporary and Musical Theatre styles of jazz.

Beginner- Students new to dance

Beginner / Intermediate – Some dance experience, 1-2 years.

Intermediate / Advanced – Dancers with 3 years of experience or more

Tumbling – (TB) Basic tumbling skills are taught along with flexibility, strength and conditioning.

Princess & Dance Camp

Princess Camp – An introduction to dance education, St. Peters Academy of Dance will be offering 1 week session Tues, Wed & Thurs for your dancing princess ages 3-5 years. The princesses will bring their own gowns and dress up clothes each day. Princesses’ will learn Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Tumbling. No special shoes required. Crafts and Snacks included.

Dance Camp – St. Peters Academy of Dance will be offering three, 2 week sessions.

Advance Dance Education Programs

SPAD offers a competition-dance curriculum for those students wishing to make a sincere commitment to their dance education. This program focuses on Advance Dance Techniques, Team Building and participates in 3-4 national Dance Competitions. Recently this team was awarded the #1 Overall Group from the Showbiz National Talent Competition.

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