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St. Peters
Academy of Dance

Class Information


Dance Educational Programs:  Ballet, Tap, and Jazz classes for student’s ages 3-18 years. Beginner-Advanced classes.

Ballet (B):The basis of all forms of dance. Develops proper body alignment, balance & flexibility. Pointe is by placement and only after 3 full years of ballet technique.

Tap (T): Technique is taught in both Rhythmic and Broadway Tap.

Jazz/Hip Hop (J/HH): The educational classes are a mix of both Classical, Contemporary and Musical Theatre styles of jazz.

Tumbling (TB): Basic tumbling skills are taught along with flexibility, strength and conditioning.

Class Levels

Beginner: For dancers with new to dance.

Intermediate: For dancers with 1-2 years of experience or more. 

Advanced: For dancers with 3+ years of experience. 

Summer Dance Camps

  • Princess Camp: An introduction to dance for ages 3-5 years. Dancers can wear their Princess dresses and no special shoes required. 

  • Hip Hop & Pom Camp 

  • Dance Camp: Ballet, Tap & Jazz

Advanced Dance Education Program

SPAD offers a competitive dance curriculum for those students wishing to make a commitment to their dance education. This program focuses on advanced dance techniques, team building and participates in 3-4 dance competitions per year.

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